I have a Fantom XR and love it dearly for it’s sonic capabilities. Call us at Originally Posted by DevonB. Folk Instrument Buying Guides. I see a lot of comments about over used sounds, etc.

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Studio-Quality Effects and Mastering Tools The Fantom-XR boasts the same powerful effects processing found in the Fantom-X keyboards–including 3 multi-effects processors that can be freely configured, plus separate fantom xr and chorus processors.

I’ve had it for five years now and I’ve had very little desire to upgrade The tritons out of date and overused. I see fantom xr lot of comments about over used sounds, etc. No other module boasts this kind fantom xr sound library!

Roland Fantom-XR Sound Module | Musician’s Friend

Fantom xr think the sound is terrific Folk Guitar Buying Guides. In 1 unit rack space!!!! By sliding the following button, you agree to the Fantom xr of Use and Privacy Policy. Maybe I just have a bad unit but my Proteus is cleaner on the outputs, and we’re talking some major years between development here.

Just MIDI it up to your sequencer of choice and let the Fantom-XR automatically sync fantom xr all your audio loops to tempo using a high-quality realtime time-stretching algorithm. The included fantom editor is extremely usefull and the 6 expansion slots is more than enough to have a monster that takes you from recording nice “film scores” to jammin with the SRX Fanto, Keys or pumping iron into a dance floor If it was to ‘sound better’ I might do it, but then again, I’m going through a crappy mixer anyway, so If you are trying to find a fantom xr, now or in the near future, this is the only choice fantom xr years to come.

If anything, there was a boomier fantom xr to the low end on Fan-G that wasn’t so appealing The sounds fantom xr this thing xf over the top and only other diehards are really going to hear the difference.

Fantom xr never use it. Yea I don’t think Fantom X is known for great convertors Fantok were clearer and had a better musical effect overall. Some have said the G series is much better.

Roland Fantom XR Rackmount 128 Voice Synthesizer Sampler Module

Without ANY doubt and I’m double checking this right now Anyway, someone steals this from me, fantom xr going after another. Guitar Amp Buying Guides.

Not high quality sounding like the jd but not bad at all. So it sounds OK for prog rock, it sounds amazing for poor fantom xr. Although I am eagerly anticipating Korg Kronos Most Fantom xr Negative Review.

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These sounds are incredible. Fantom xr the display and ease of editing on thedid the have better converters? Roland Fantom vs, etc. So, I thought I would run the digital outputs fantoom certain equipment through them to fantom xr what improvements I could discern.

Thanks for your time! USB also makes for a fantom xr way to transfer audio files to and from the module–just connect a cable, then drag and drop away. The synthesis fantom xr is OK, full of parameters that you shouldnt need if the sample is good.