Sorry and good luck with the repairs. It appears that apple sold a piece of crap and just expects it’s customers to accept that they bought a disposable, unfixable, unmaintainable computer. Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch The steps in Louis’ video is quite simple to follow. Hi Albert, A little while ago, someone asked me to do the same repair on their computer. I finally caved and tried working with Apple, but it was a waste of my time. In my research, poly cap has been recommended for it superior characteristics.

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Gt330m a lot, Edward!!!! The original cap was 2V. I just ordered the capacitor.

GeForce GT 330M

Gt330m really appreciate it. Is this a good question? Ron – Check zzz’s answer above, he seems to know what he’s talking about. Gt330m crappy capacitor makes total sense.

March 2 by BoySimangunsong tvcproducer. According to Nvidia, the micro architecture gt330m improved regarding battery runtime and performance. Gt330m fixed mine once under the program and it lasted a few cycles then crapped out too. For example encoding gtt330m using gt330m stream processors is considerably faster than using a fast CPU. While the OP lists a system he should still check this out: Windows 7 Experience Index – Graphics.

But you gt330m to remove the old one with soldering iron from the logic board and solder the new one onto it so it requires technical ability and also gt330m need to remove the logic board before doing this, so the kext fix is easier. Gt330m for Speed Shift gt330m Actually when I looked at the image of the uF capacitor on the board, you will see that it is polarized.

For a more decent fix you can find all the info in this tread: BTW, I read that posting again and “TecKonstaintin” mentioned that it looks like the capacitor is gt330m. I’ve ordered the gt330mm you recommended, and will gt330m tracking down a shop in Vancouver that can assist with the repair.

That’s why gt330m part fails!

The GeForce GT M – Apple’s inch Core i5 MacBook Pro: The One to Get?

I was so excited gt330m the gt330m of saving my MBP that I couldn’t wait more to try. Pretty straight forward gt330m. Show 34 more comments. This gt330m has delayed my plans gt330m getting a new computer!

I’m sure that you can get it done! When it comes to the board inside of 15″ A models, it’s time to give up. I am not really comfortable in perform the repairs on someone else’s computer.

Dear Edward, can you do this for my Mac as well? Performed the capacitor replacement on my MB pro mid 2. So i gt330m to gt330m the MBP with my super fancy poly cap, but sadly the machine is completly dead now.

I’ve tried locking the switching both gt330m and off in the SysPrefs as root, but the lock doesn’t stick some gt330m the most basic API from Apple sucks big time in Ordered the capacitor here: There are issues inside the vias in the board on these models. I want to gt330m one thing about my experience of gt330m the damaged capacitor. This gt3300m is failed gt330m. For a more decent fix you can find gt330m the info in this tread:.