I think I’m going to go backwards and see if any of the past ones work. At one stage in thrashing about with drivers, I had it working on the touch calibration on-screen “targets”, but it did nothing when I touched the on-screen touch pads. If I hold the pen loosely in mid air and tap it with a finger, I hear something loose inside, is that normal? Google this and it points to Wacom Penabled Minidriver. If you’re running the factory image and it’s not working, something is wrong with the screen. Message 3 of Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.

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IBM Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet Digitizer Pen Pn01 –

Message 10 of Unanswered topics Active topics. I have changed the automatic download of manufacturer’s apps and icons in “Device Installation Settings” to “No”, but this still hasn’t stopped it updating silently and without any indication.

I manually installed the drives from the Lenovo website. Is anyone else having similar problems? The machine runs bit Windows.

I did set the machine to “metered networking” to stop z200 unwanted Windows 10 driver updates, then removed all the drivers under the HID section in Device manager. It’s happened twice to me within the first few days I started using it. But Lenovo x200 tablet pen don’t know what the key event was that actually fixed things.

X Tablet Pen and Touch not Working in Windows 7 – Lenovo Community

I tried downloading drivers from Wacom at: Message 5 of As a new owner of an X Tablet, it’s disheartening that the main feature of the machine, the multitouch screen, doesn’t work properly.

I have found that putting the laptop to sleep and resuming gets things working again. Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone Message 7 of Lenovo x200 tablet pen laptop itself still works. Then tried to install driver from Lenovo site. It had Vista, have lenovo x200 tablet pen a clean install of Windows 7.

Message 4 of See our Sustainability Report. Google this and it points to Wacom Penabled Minidriver.

This did not install the pen driver. Actually, it’s worked surprisingly well in the last month. Message 2 of But the screen itself becomes unresponsive, and doesn’t start taking sytlus or finger input again until I reboot it.

The stylus still stops working at times. This way you can at least look at the proposed updates and see if there is anything in there lenovo x200 tablet pen is weird.

X Tablet Pen / Stylus Stop Working Randomly – Lenovo Community

lenovo x200 tablet pen At this stage it said “No pen or touch”. Our commitment to the environment Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. If it wasn’t for the warranty I’d probably be taking this machine apart as we speak.

Message 8 of lenovo x200 tablet pen Message 4 of I have this question too. I would like to try the second solution, but I need to know the X specific drivers to download from Wacom. I only know what I did installed the Wacom drivers which broke the multitouch, uninstalled them, installed the multitouch drivers from Lenovo, and things worked out better.