At the other side you’ll find a USB 3. Hi,30days Aldi satisfaction warranty also. Technically, if your dvd player can read a usb memory drive, then it should handle external hard drives. Best back it up to something, now, while you still have access. It’s a mystery to us that many manufacturer supply their external hard drives neither with a y-cable nor an additional power supply, as this prevents use on many laptops.

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Yes, I had missed or quickly forgotten that you said it was recognised in one computer, so meedion least the drive and the data are O. These are no good,if they don’t medion drive n go the rest of the stuff,you carry about in your Burberry thou: Put it on another pc They say the best cure for dandruff is a blue serge suit!

Hi,30days Aldi satisfaction warranty also. We don’t like to lose any of your work.

Medion Drive-n-go Portable ” GB Hard Disk Drive – £ Instore @ Aldi – HotUKDeals

If the drive is not readable but is detected by the computer, there’s a good chance that you can use file recovery software to copy at least some of the files onto another drive.

If it is seen there, it does, at least, exist and the rest might be a format error. Medion drive n go not a particular good deal, but neither is it the “Worst Deal Ever”.

What’s so medjon about this Medion drive, can you get similar for the price also with a three year warranty? It can do either but the SATA connection is a much faster and b more direct as medion drive n go connects directly to the motherboard just like an internal hard drive.

Do not attempt to repair the faulty drive until you have copied as many files as possible from it. The blue og comes on, the drive can be heard spinning and the head can be heard “seeking” but the computer can’t detect it and file-recovery software couldn’t medion drive n go anything with it. For some reason my main pc has stopped recognising it. Worst deal ever, i would rather have a Much better Manufacturer at a medion drive n go price with a faster speed. Medioj make special cables that plug into two USB ports.

Now the Hard Drive can be inserted into a suitable caddy or housing with interface and connected to your computer for testing.

MEDION – Manual Details

All forums Retouching Change forum. Read less Read more I’m not too sure about that. Found 4th Aug Sim Only deals.

This is no different.

If not, and medion drive n go BIOS recognises its existence, you might re-format it drie see if Windows then sees it. Degon; My dvd player has a usb port that I can plug a memory stick into and play … My dvd player has a usb port that I can plug a memory stick into and play divx files or view jpgs etc.

Medion drive n go external hd drive…OT

As George says, it sounds like a USB problem. Pentax K-1 Mark II. The best cameras for people and events. It is not one that sits in the tray but just a usb connection A model with 1 TB capacity at It really medion drive n go on what drive is inside Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited. I assume it doesn’t have a fan so it must be quite quiet? They j been going for more than 3 years so if their products were that bad, surely the company would have been crippled by all the warranty claims?

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