Linden i – L. Basics Unlike the Epson models, which are both flatbeds that can also scan photographic prints and documents—and, in the case of the Epson V, film and slide transparencies at up to 8 by 10 inches—the is limited to 35mm size and to transparencies only. The scan produced by the Opticfilm is not quite as sharp as the or the Plustek OpticFilm Brochure – The white is cleaner, the red is considerably more intense than the original. ImageExplorer which were included in the delivery contents of the previous model are now no more on the CD. It would have been a better idea to put the hinges on the longer side, at least from a handling point of view.

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At this point it shall be mentioned that one has to scan at ppi to get the highest available effective resolution.

Plustek Opticfilm 35mm Scanner review 9 Dec The hinges are on the shorter side, making it awkward to open and close the holder. For my slides, optjcfilm is way enough, with plustek opticfilm 8100, the quality does not rise, but scan time and data volume do.

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The software package of the Plustek opticfilm 8100 OpticFilm contains everything one needs for scanning of his 35mm image-diapositives and 35mm image-filmstrips. I am totally happy with this scanner, starting with the quality of the packaging, and continuing with the quality and ease of the scanner itself.

Scans only one slide or frame of film at a plustek opticfilm 8100. I opted to save the scans to PSD format for Photoshop.

The diapositive-holder included in the delivery contents of the Plustek OpticFilm can grab up plustek opticfilm 8100 four framed 35mm diapositives. Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated photography directories. Plustek report improved functionality and features to perform better than ever, but are they enough to tempt you?

The mounted plustek opticfilm 8100 holder can hold up to 4 slides. More interesting is the question how it is about the density range of the scanner because here something could be changed.

Test review Plustek Filmscanner OpticFilm 8100

Plustek opticfilm 8100 5 out of 5 by Victor from Win, win, dpi 35mm scan. If you don’t first set everything properly, the odds are very good that the scan will be low quality or completely unusable. The jump to version 8 affects mainly the user interface of the software, in other plusyek it became distinctly clearer, so that it is easier to opticfjlm and the scanner is easier to operate. Epson Perfection V Photo. Above all because one will plustek opticfilm 8100 with the highest possible resolution for archiving purposes.

Plustek OpticFilm Review | Photography Blog

While one can accomplish the inserting of a filmstrip carefully by hand, plustek opticfilm 8100 the removal one needs a tweezer with rounded shovels because otherwise one touches the film too easily and so leaves his traces. Plustek Opticfilm Features Just as with previous Plustek film scanners, the Opticfilm can scan at a maximum resolution of dpi, producing a megabyte TIFF file. Unfortunately nothing has changed in the matter of density range and the scans of the OpticFilm exhibit less drawing in lights and shadows than scans of comparable devices from other manufacturers.

It measures just 4. It’s also the only one without hardware-based dust and scratch removal, offering a less robust, but still welcome, software-only version instead. From scanning to actually plusteek plustek opticfilm 8100 file, it took me 10 minutes from scanning 1 frame.

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Besides the scanner in each case there is a filmholder for up to plustek opticfilm 8100 framed 35mm dias and for a filmstrip with a length for up to six pictures, power adaptor, USB-cable, a bag for retention respectively transportation, user’s manual and the software package in it. Thereby it is a matter of a version of the professional scansoftware SilverFast Ai Studio which has a reduced range of functions.

Hardware Resolution dpi. In Stock Update Location close. The procedure of the scanning is as usual: Indeed however the 8th-series doesn’t signalize the beginning of a new scanner-series but rather points to the utilization of the new SilverFast-Software at version 8 as plustek opticfilm 8100, whereas the version 6 was delivered plustek opticfilm 8100 the predecessor models.

Scanning Area W x L Special toolbar The vertical toolbar contains some additional special features that are not required for every image original. pluztek

I would also like to see batch scanners making plustek opticfilm 8100 appearance again, in the vain of the legendary Nikon Coolscan range. Plustek opticfilm 8100 are also included in the version 8 of the scansoftware. With the option to scan films in the HDRi format you have the possibility, to use the information of the infrared channel in an optimal way in the postprocessing. Beyond that, for good scan quality, your best bet is to ignore Pluste, entirely, and depend on SilverFast.